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1 Feb, 2022

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Denk Limited is one of the biggest Alcohol/Ethanol production companies in Ghana. Alcohols are among the most common organic compounds, with its expounded importance explored for ages. Please note that, Alcohol does not necessary refer to Alcoholic Drinks. Ethanol (alcohol) is found in paints, tinctures, markers, and personal care products such as mouthwashes, perfumes and deodorants.

Ethanol (alcohol) is also used for alcoholic drinks, can be used as a fuel in its own right or in mixtures with petrol, can be used in the preparation of medicine, can also be used as stove fuel for cooking, can be used in toiletries, can be used in pharmaceuticals, used to sterilize hospital instruments,  used to evenly distribute food coloring, as well as enhance the flavor of food extracts, etc.

Denk Limited seeks to engage people who have intense knowledge in the Ethanol (Alcohol) Production, its Sales or its Marketing. We are interested in having candid consultations with personnel who may have worked in this industry before, with relevant contacts or information to boost our strategy of becoming the number one Ethanol Supplier in Ghana and beyond.

Job Description

Job Title: Sales/Marketing Personnel / Consultant 


The primary responsibility of the marketing CONSULTANT is to introduce us to the ethanol (alcohol) industry buyers in order to enhance relationships with potential buyers.

The marketing PERSONNEL’s task will be to promote the business, its products, and services. The company’s broadcast must be effective in recruiting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Personnel must be able to build marketing strategies and programs, communicate with teams, and report on marketing analytics.

Personnel must also have a good awareness of the target market, target audience, and how the product assists customers in solving their problems.


Senior management must be kept informed about the state of marketing operations and campaign results.

Personnel will report to supervisors.


Vibrant personality
Everyone has their own unique personality, but a marketer should strive to be both engaging and imaginative. People expect the marketing team to appear well-dressed, confident, and on top of their game in a corporate setting. The personality of a person shines through in campaigns, allowing you to be more creative in your work. Your job as a marketer is to constantly come up with new ways to convey the same or similar message. As a result, it’s excellent if your personality can peek through in your work.

Strategic thinking ability
Strategic thinking should be one of your primary talents as a marketing expert. Any organization seeking a marketing strategy should look for something that will complement its overall business strategy while also considering other market prospects. Marketing experts must be able to recognize market trends and develop a strategy while keeping the overarching strategic objective in mind. Furthermore, they should safeguard their brand by anticipating potential issues with collateral and taking into account how a market would interpret the content.

Exceptional communication skills
Many marketing professionals still struggle with effective communication. This includes not only verbal communication but also great writing abilities. Writing is more vital because it is required for developing succinct and effective advertisements, campaigns, and email copy, among other things.

One of the most significant qualities the marketing personnel should possess is creativity. This is due to the fact that the marketing industry is constantly changing and evolving. The Personnel must think outside the box to develop new ways to enlighten customers.



Denk will change and improve upon the Production and Supply of Ethanol (Alcohol) in Ghana and beyond. Personnels with intense knowledge of the Ethanol (Industry) will somehow have advantage if they are indeed qualified for the task.

Anybody asking you to pay money to schedule your interview or offer you job may be a scam

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