Ghana Statistical Service (GSS)/UNFPA Recruits Census Data Processing Consultant

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21 Sep, 2011

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The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on behalf of Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is looking for a Census Data Processing Consultant. The consultant will assist GSS to use automated data capture technology to process the Ghana 2010 census data. The consultant  will also support GSS to implement an Enterprise Documents and Records Management System (eDRMS) to archive and manage the paper questionnaires and other related documents.

The consultant must be knowledgeable in the use of optical technology and, in particular, the Teleform Automated Data Capture software as well as the Meridio Record Management system in the processing of census questionnaires.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
The Consultant will work under the overall direction of the Government Statistician to undertake the following:

  1. Assist in providing continuous guidelines and supervision to the Data Preparation team in ensuring that badly printed questionnaires going through the scanning stage of the data capture system are eliminated or considerably reduced in order not to delay the scanning process
  2. Assist in designing and implementing data quality measures to enhance the work of the Key Verifiers (i.e. verification of automatic evaluation done by the Teleform software)
  3. Assist to develop standardized structural edit mechanisms for any inconsistency in the geographical structure of the data sets
  4. Review and assist in the finalization of the draft Consistency Edit Specifications and subsequently guide in implementation to generate statistical tables according to approved tabulation plan. In the process the consultant is expected to Mentor five DP staff
  5. Design and implement an appropriate temporary backup system for the census dataset during the data capture, editing and cleaning stages, while also building capacity of GSS staff in this area. In collaboration with GSS Staff design and implement a program to generate data summaries as part of the editing and cleaning of the dataset before tabulation
  6. Assist GSS in designing and implementing a functional eDRMS to archive the census questionnaires for easy identification and retrieval whenever necessary during and after the census data processing. Build capacity of GSS in this area
  7. Build capacity at GSS in the use of the Automated Data Capture Systems and related systems
  8. Undertake any other tasks as may be required by the Government Statistician in consultation with the UNFPA Representative

Expected Outputs:
After completion of the exercise, the GSS should have:

  • Clean final 2010 Census data set
  • Final Census edits specifications and fully documented edit programs
  • Clean final Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) data set
  • Well trained GSS staff in modern census and survey processing using Teleform
  • Well trained GSS staff in Autonomy Record Management and Archiving Systems
  • A comprehensive synthesized report on the data processing experience and lessons for use of Teleform for future programs

Duration of Consultancy:
The GSS expects to need the services of the consultant for 6 months (including weekends) from October 2011 to March 2012. The consultant should be prepared to commence from October 1, 2011 or nearest thereafter.

Reporting Arrangements:
The Consultant will submit progress report (at least once a month) to the Government Statistician and the Chief Technical Adviser, Census, through the Head of Data Processing of the GSS

Condition of Engagement:
Negotiable but guided by UN conditions of engagement of local consultants


Required Skills or Experience

A suitable candidate for this assignment is expected to have:

  • An advanced degree in any of the following: Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics or relevant qualification
  • Experience in managing and conducting census and survey data processing using the scanning technology
  • Experience in conducting trainings for in-service staff
  • Experience in designing database models; Data Quality Assurance Control Systems; and Teleform Automated Data Capture software
  • Experience in using eDRMS design and implementation; VB, VBA, SQL, SPSS and CSPro
  • Experience in managing network engineers and computer technicians: and in designing and implementing document management system
  • Knowledgeable in modern data collection, data capture and processing systems; and backup strategies and disaster recovery plans


How To Apply

Applicants must submit application. Preferably with a brief proposal on understanding/interpretation of the systems specifications, assignment and deliverables within the tight deadlines.

The application should be addressed to:

The Representative
United Nations Population Fund
No. 7, 7th Rangoon Close, Cantonments
Box 1423

Or email to: 
[email protected].
Closing date: 27 Sep, 2011

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