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8 Dec, 2011

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Healthcare Jobs in Ghana

International SOS is the world’s leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services company.

We help organizations manage the health and security risks facing their international travelers and expatriates.


1. GMS Senior Nurse/Medic

Location: Remote Sites
Reports to:  Medical Support Manager, Senior Medical Person On-Site
Other Relationships: Medical Director, Co-ordinating Doctor

Main Responsibilities

1.    Co-ordinate routine medical issues and report regularly to the Senior Medical person on-site and to liaise with client representatives, when needed or as part of client’s direction.

This is to include the preparation of all formal reports to the client.  Report needs are to be identified and forms / formats are to be discussed and approved by Medical Services Manager.

Data Analyst is to assist in data format, input and report generation, where applicable.

2.    Maintain daily contact with all medical staff, especially the site nurses, paramedics and technicians, to review medical issues and results.  A daily log of such contact is to be kept with periodic reviews with the Senior Medical person on-site and the Medical Support Manager.

3.    Maintain daily contact and provide direction where appropriate for medical administrative staff on-site to review work loads and needs.  As part of the log in Point 2. above, this is to be logged and discussed with the Staffing Manager or her designate.

4.    Prepare and manage the site staff’s work roster to ensure equal time for all and to take into account certain requirements as required for the client’s needs or the operating environment.  This will also require liaison with the client work groups responsible for travel and liaising with Travel personnel to ensure adequate notification of roster and travel needs are given to both client and Travel and

Following-up with site medical staff to ensure they meet all Training and travel plans in a timely manner is considered a part of this responsibility.

5.    Support site medical staff during medical emergencies and evacuations through direct advice, support, logistical assistance, overall command of nurse/paramedics and follow-up.  Where necessary, the Senior Nurse is to also perform any necessary medical tasks to ensure successful completion of the medical cases, whether it be a simple patient handling or a complex medical trauma situation.

6.    Identify specific site skills or capability requirements for site medical staff and forward these to Medical Support Manager for further actioning to ensure programs are put in place for site staff to be trained and briefed accordingly.

7.    Assign the necessary staff to provide support to client’s health-related programs such as occupational health programs (OHP), local client health programs, health/hygiene checks, toolbox health talks and first aid briefings.  Where necessary, the Senior Nurse is to also perform these tasks and is to provide statistics/reports as necessary to the Medical Support Manager.

This is to be based upon all reasonable requests or those programs as defined in contractual documentation. Any requirements asked by clients that are out-of-the-ordinary, or not defined in a contract are to be discussed with both the client’s site management and management prior to embarking on new assignments.

8.    To drive the site medical services forward, together with the Senior Medical person on-site, in order that performance is recognised as professional, efficient and helpful for all areas of responsibility.

9.    To follow-up on administration issues with client as directed by the Administration Manager.  This can include providing invoice status, travel issues, order status and other non-medical issues that occur from time to time.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Fully qualified to practice as a Nurse in Ghana
  • Graduated from a recognized medical institution providing medical training in the Nursing field.
  • Certified as competent for provision of remote medical support through upgraded education.
  • Intermediate level of English language capability in verbal and written communication forms.
  • Minimum of two (2) years working in it’s site needs.  Particular emphasis will be placed on client and Senior Medical site staff’s comments on performance, abilities and desire to perform additional responsibilities above and beyond the normal requirements.
2. National Doctor

Reports to:  Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and to the Clinic Administrator for administrative and employment issues.

The National doctor will report medical activities and any information related to the issues mentioned below to the above mentioned supervisors as required.

Site CMO (Chief Medical Officer)   
Site CMO supervises the medical aspects of the doctor’s role and overseas the logistical requirements for National doctors to practice their medical profession and to give advise on patient management, treatment protocols , management of injuries on duty  etc..

Clinic Manager
The National doctor reports to the Clinic Manager for administrative and staffing issues, such as employment contract, leave, and salary issues, etc.
Pharmacist    The National Doctor works closely with the pharmacist wrt medications available at the clinic, dispensing practices and to identify opportunities for improvement wrt health delivery.

Lab Technician and Radiographer 

The National Doctor works closely with both of these staff members to ensure good understanding of what services they are able to offer so to maximize the quality of the services being given but also to prevent unnecessary use of these services due to the work demand.

Nurse or Medical Assistant    

The National Doctor works with the Nurse or M.A. to co-ordinate patient triaging, patient care, nursing requirements for in-patients, and out-patient nursing care.
Occupational Health Physician and OH Nurse    The National doctor works with the OH Physician and OH Nurse to provide the necessary medical support for the OH program especially wrt pre-employment and periodical medical checkups.

The National Doctor’s responsibilities include:

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Deliver a high standard of patient care to the client employees and contractors on site and the dependants of those employees living at the Senior Staff Village (MKV) under the supervision of the CMO if required.
  • To demonstrate and practice clinical skills which meet a level of competency that is recognized by the medical profession and the Ghanaian Medical Council.
  • To ensure that clinical documentation and reporting are completed in an accurate and appropriate manner as per International medical reporting standards, the criteria used in the CQI program and the relevant ISOS SOPPs. This documentation includes all medical records, referral letters, OH records, injury on duty records, medivac reports and any other relevant medical reports.
  • Understand and apply the policies and procedures wrt Patient Rights.
  • Ensure a good working knowledge of all equipment at the clinic and use the training sessions and CME sessions to update their ability to use such equipment in conjunction with the Paramedic and CMO.
  • Timely reporting to the CMO and/ or Paramedic or Medical Assistant in charge of the equipment when equipment requires repair or maintenance
  • Being available for consultation 24 hours / day while on rotation and in constant telephonic contact. Must not leave site for any reason unless permission is obtained from the CMO and adequate coverage is available during this period.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with other doctors and staff working in Clinic.
  • To work closely with the pharmacist wrt medications available at the clinic, dispensing practices and to identify opportunities for improvement wrt health delivery.
  • To work closely with the Lab technician and the Radiographer to ensure good understanding of what services they are able to offer so as to maximize the quality of their services but also to prevent unnecessary of these services due to the work demands on these services
  • Maintain clinical knowledge to a high level by remaining abreast of current best medical practice
  • Any other medical and administrative duties as required by the CMO or clinic administrator.

Medical Assistance

  • Give medical advice to company members as requested.
  • To work closely with the Health Administration Services Team at ISOS Accra when obtaining medical reports, organizing referrals, monitoring the patient’s conditions when patient’s are to be, or have been hospitalized at the hospitals used by the designated Ghanaian Health Care providers.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Administrative staff and the nurses in the correct management of patient records.
  • Keep the Consulting room and all equipment therein clean and orderly and in a functioning condition.
  • National Doctor’s handover notes are to be completed at the end of each rotation and must be sent to the CMO. They must ensure that all relevant information is included in these handover notes.

General Responsibilities

  • Assists in the development, review and revision of policies and procedures.
  • Assists in the training and orientation of new personnel.
  • Actively participates in staff meetings.
  • Reports any work related injuries or illnesses as per the ISOS reporting procedures.
  • Represents SOS in a professional manner in terms of conduct, appearance and service
  • Partakes in all the training programs in the clinic.
  • Participates in the Medical Committee meetings held at least quarterly.
  • Participates in the Monthly Site Management Meetings.


3. Laboratory Technician

Contract Duration: Unspecified
Type  of Employment: Permanent Position
Reporting to: Functionally:  Chief Medical Officer/Site Medical Officer; through
Administratively: Clinic Manager, Ghana

Key Competencies:  

  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to function as a team member
  • Energetic with a passion for nursing
  • Responsible and self-disciplined

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To provide the doctors with accurate and timely Laboratory results;
  2. To maintain the equipment in good working condition;
  3. To maintain quality control over the tests performed.

Detailed Duties:


  • Familiar with all Lab equipment ,testing and calibration procedures
  • Follow equipment weekly cleaning program

Routine Testing

  • Undertake all Laboratory tests as required by the Chief Medical Officer and Resident Medical Officer
  • Ensure that test results are repeatable and reliable
  • Ensure that results are reported accurately and in a timely manner;

Procedures and Practices

  • Follow the International SOS Procedures and Practices at all times
  • Update information in the Procedures and Practices documents as changes occur

Quality Control

  • Ensure a quality control program is in place to monitor and manage quality within the Laboratory;
  • Ensure that maintenance of equipment is maintained ;
  • Ensure that all quality control and maintenance is   undertaken to ensure that Laboratory results are accurate and repeatable;
  • Participate in clinical meetings in the clinic as required.

Infection Control

  • Ensure ‘standard precautions are maintained at all times in the Laboratory;
  • Maintain a high degree of infection control principles in the Laboratory;
  • Always follow hygienic, safe procedure when working, report any job accidents  immediately to the Chief Medical Officer
  • Ensure the correct use of Personal  Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times

Stock Control

  • Maintain stock control and inventory, ensuring that stock is stored, safely in a clean environment with strict control of expiry dates as per International SOS policy;


  • Be prepared to be on call as required
  • Undertake any other reasonable duties as determined by management from time to time


Required Skills or Experience

  • Degree or Diploma in Medical Technology
  • Two (2) years experience in a hospital laboratory desirable
4. X-Ray Technician:

Contract Duration: 2 (Two) years Renewable
Type  of Employment: Pemanent Position

Key Competencies

  • Good knowledge of human anatomy
  • Ability to function as a team member
  • Skilful in manipulating x-ray machine
  • Experienced in radiological diagnosis

Key Responsibilities

  • To provide a high level of radiological support to the doctors in Takoradi clinic
  • To maintain the equipment in good working order
  • To ensure staff and patients are protected work in a safe environment

Detailed Duties:
The X-ray technician will be responsible for:

Radiation Safety:

  • Ensuring the work environment is safe
  • Ensuring that staff and patients are protected from radiation

Routine Radiological examinations :

  • Skillful in manipulating routine X-ray machine
  • Basic skill in X-ray machine and printer maintenance
  • Undertake x-rays as ordered by the doctor
  • Take films that are of a good quality as determined by the doctor
  • Develop films that are of a good standard

Maintenance / Quality

  • Ensure that all equipment is maintained through a cleaning program
  • Change developing liquid that is consistent with good film results
  • Alert management when biomedical maintenance is due for equipment
  • Monitor stock control of all films and developing solutions

Record Keeping

  • Maintain a record of films taken
  • Keep a record of all films used
  • Report monthly activity to management
  • Keep good records of the location of films

Customer Service

  • Ensure positive customer service with all patients
  • Ensure there are no complaints regarding delivery of the service

Other duties

  • Undertake any other duties that may be asked by management from time to time.


Required Skills or Experience

  • Diploma in Radiology (or equivalent)
  • At least three (3) years experience in a hospital desirable


How To Apply

Qualified candidates should send their applications to:

Closing date: 8th January, 2012

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