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21 Dec, 2011

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Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) Ghana is part of a larger US based non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Dean Karlan, with the goal of serving as the link between academic research and real world problems faced by the poor in developing countries. IPA creates and evaluates approaches to solving development problems and works to scale up successful projects through implementation and dissemination to policymakers, practitioners, investors and donors around the world, to determine the cost effectiveness of poverty alleviation programs, using the most rigorous evaluation techniques. With 280 currently ongoing projects in 42 countries in Africa, Asia, and North and South America, IPA’s projects span a variety of fields, including microfinance, transfers, education, health, agriculture, corruption, charitable giving, political participation and social capital.

IPA is a registered NGO, in Ghana with 16 on-going projects, 40 international and local staff and permanent offices in Tamale and Accra. Currently, IPA has a local salary scale in place in Ghana. However, this system needs to be re-evaluated so as to include more tiers within job categories.  Guidance is also needed on the formation and management of a compensation structure that is internally consistent and at the same time, on par with market compensation. The ultimate goal is to have a fair pay system and benefits that will attract, retain and motivate staff.

Job Description

Scope of duty

  • Review existing IPA Ghana documentation that guide remuneration including personnel policies, staff terms of reference and staff contract terms
  • Review salary and benefits packages of five organizations, which offer positions similar to IPA local positions to confirm the salaries, allowances and entitlements/benefits offered (These organizations will be selected with advice from  IPA).
  • Review salaries and benefits of local staff.
  • As much as possible, match existing Terms of Reference with those of comparator organizations to facilitate an accurate determination of salary levels for various positions and job groups.
  • Present a consolidated report with recommendations from the findings of the survey.

Specific Tasks for the Consultant:

  1. Discuss with IPA Ghana and determine the existing positions, job descriptions and staff contract terms and the types of contracts
  2. Review a list of five comparator organizations which to be considered for the Remuneration Survey, identify one contact person in each organization.
  3. Design brief questionnaire and define what data to collect, i.e. general participant information (name and address of participating organization, number of employees in various categories, measures of fiscal size and description of similar organizations/firms.
  4. Obtain participants’ information, such as:
    • Contact Information – Name, address, title, phone, fax, and email of person responding to the survey
    • Employment Information – Benefits, working conditions, standard work week, union affiliations, cost of living increases
    • Job data including the number of incumbents in the job classification , average salary of the incumbents, salary ranges for positions with specified minimum and maximum salaries, bonuses, overtime payments, reporting relationship, etc.
  5. Assurance of confidentiality and ensuring that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the confidentiality of the survey participants.
  6. Investigate additional resources on local salary structures and rates, including inside NGO’s. Include this information when conducting final analysis.
  7. Construct the salary scale describing benchmark jobs while balancing between specificity of the job description and generalized-ability of the job for matching by grouping relevant job positions into job families based on (1) Similarity of functions, and (2) Hierarchy within job family
  8. Present the survey findings and recommendations in form of a report to IPA Ghana
  9. All the deliverables shall be delivered in one original hard copy, and one electronic/ soft copy, preferably in Microsoft Word, and Excel format where applicable.

Expected output

  1. Review the existing IPA Ghana methodology for setting the salary scale, including the HR policies, Job descriptions, staff terms of contracts, job types for which the scale has to be set.
  2. Provide a list of comparator organizations which may be considered for the Remuneration Survey. All organizations where data is sought should have established remuneration ranges which clearly distinguish pay for levels of responsibility.
  3. Match terms of reference based on the benchmarks while evaluating Structure, Content, Progression, and Qualifications.
  4. A salary scale that matches other comparator organizations
  5. Highlight of benefits offered by comparator organizations for similar contractual modalities with emphasis on annual leave, sick leave, maternity & paternity leave, health coverage, life & disability insurance, vacation benefits and public holidays.
  6. Proposal for new Terms of Reference that take into consideration levels and titles of similar job profiles in comparator organizations.
  7. When the information from the five to seven potential employers is complete, IPA Ghana will make the selection of at least 4 retained organizations for inclusion in the  Remuneration Survey Analysis
  8. Classify the current TORs based on the newly set salary scale

Time frame
This is the tentative timeline but further discussions will be held with the consultant to ensure that the dates are reasonable

  • Data collection on salary, allowances, entitlements/benefits and job descriptions of comparator organizations (10 working days)
  • Analysis of data (5 working days)
  • Preparation of draft report (3 working days)
  • Presentation of findings (1 working day)
  • Finalization of report (2 working days)

The consultant will report to the Country Director and this consultancy will be approximately 21 days.


Required Skills or Experience

Required Skills and Experience
Individual Consultants wishing to be considered for the services described herein should have the following qualifications:

  1. Solid knowledge and experience in effective human resources management, including application of best practices in development of a clear HR strategy and HR Surveys
  2. Operational effectiveness
  3. Ability to lead business processes re-engineering, implementation of new systems
  4. Proven track record of similar assignments with other organizations in the region
  5. Fluency, both in written and spoken English
  6. Commitment to humanitarian principles and action


How To Apply

Interested consultants will be required to show proof and/or reference of similar service provided to other organizations.

Remuneration will be based on experience and qualifications.

Interested Applicants should send their cv, statement of interest and qualification and list of references to:

[email protected]
ATTN: HR Consultant

Application Deadline: January 7, 2012

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