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27 Feb, 2014

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The Procurement Officer will be responsible for all procurement activities for the Company, including providing advice, assistance and follow-up on procurement, procedures and contracts.

Job Title: Procurement Officer

General Procurement responsibilities

•   To develop, manage and coordinate theprocurement processes and to be able to use legally established professional and transparent procurement policies;
•   To analyze procurement requirements and select the most appropriate methods based on the interpretation and assessment of established policies, practices, and experience;
•   To assist business units in assessing budgets prior to procuring goods and services;
•   To review procurement requests and provide support and guidance at all stages of the procurement cycle;
•   To be responsible for the preparation of purchase requisitions and accurate processing of purchase orders;
•   To be able to prepare calls for tender and to plan, organize and lead the tender solicitation process, developing bid evaluation criteria and guiding clients on processes involved;
•   To chair bid evaluation committees, ensure the integrity of the competitive process, facilitate bidder debriefings, and exercise appropriate judgment and tact while ensuring to protect confidential information;
•   To analyze, negotiate and prepare contractual agreements, ensuring appropriate terms and conditions are included to protect the interests of JVC (Service, works and supplies);
•   To review and approve invoices for payment, resolve any problems that arise, perform post contract evaluations, create and maintain procurement records and generate reports;

Advisory Responsibilities

•   To serve in an advisory capacity to assist departments in obtaining specifications, quotations, delivery terms and costs and recommend substitute materials where economies can be realized or delivery improved;
•   To direct, advice and review specifications for activities that require extensive technical or professional service;
•   To assist in the selection of appropriate suppliers and contractors, to promote good procurement practice with due regard to sustainability, ethical purchasing standards and costing;
•   To provide advice and guidance to clients on shipping methods and services, risks, and costs for domestic and international shipments, analyses logistical requirements and decides on appropriate methods and services to use, based on standard practices.

Monitoring of Supplies

•   To investigate qualitative and quantitative discrepancies between goods ordered and goods received;
•   To assist the Stores in ensuring the accurate processing of goods received and to monitor adequate in-house inventory movement for book keeping purposes;
•   To liaise with the Stores to ensure that inventory quantities are sufficient and order more materials when necessary.

Communication With Suppliers

•   To monitor and review progress of contractual agreements.
•   To develop a database of potential suppliers and partners and manage the supplier relations and collaboration effectively;
•   To contact vendors to obtain availability and product information or to solicit bids; develop requests for quotations; and confer with vendors concerning new products, damaged goods, delayed payments or any related information;
•   To maintain sound working relationships with external suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the relevant field.


•   Advanced degrees in Procurement or Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. A first level degree with a relevant combination of professional qualification and experience in related areas may be accepted.


•   Professionalism
•   Expert knowledge of purchasing and supply chain management practices and procurement methods.
•   Expert knowledge of state contracting laws, regulations and procedures.
•   Knowledge of modern office methods, equipment and practices.
•   Knowledge of grades, qualities, supply and price trends of commodities.

Organization/ Planning

•   Proven ability to plan and organize work related activities.
•   Ability to work within project time frames and under extreme pressure.
•   Ability to manage and provide guidance to subordinates.



•   Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
•   Ability to present detailed reports of findings and recommendations, both orally and in writing.
•   Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with vendors, departmental officials and the public.

Information Technology

•   Ability to use the basic Microsoft Office applications as well as more specialized procurement applications.

Desirable skills

•   An understanding of general engineering, logistics and project management will be desirable.
•   Ability to develop specifications to describe the type and characteristics of goods and services which will meet the needs of the agency.
•   A good understanding of confidentiality, data protection and safe record keeping.


•   English is the working language of the Company.
•   A working knowledge in French will be an asset.

Location: Tema

How To Apply For The Job

Submission of applications:

Please read carefully the following information and send a complete application in English to the following address:

[email protected]

Closing Date: 14 March, 2014

The complete application should include:

•   A detailed CV in English.
•   A motivation letter in English clearly mentioning the position applied for and with the correct postal address.

Submission date:

All complete applications must be submitted by 14th March 2014.

Please do not send any supporting documents such as copies of an ID card,educational certificates, evidence of previous professional experience, etc. with your application at this stage. You will be asked to do so if you are called for an interview.

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