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21 Dec, 2011

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1. Procurement Specialist (Individual Consultant)


The Government of the Republic of Ghana (GoG) has applied for a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the Ghana Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under contracts for Individual Consultants to assist in project implementation.

The objective of the project is to assist the GoG tackle the binding infrastructure constraints that hamper firm productivity and employment generating growth. This project seeks to increase infrastructure service levels and quality through supporting private sector participation through a PPP financing model. Through the proposed components the project is thus designed to help implement the approved National Policy on PPP, June, 2011, thus supporting a conducive and enabling environment for PPPs.

The Ghana PPP Project has four primary components:

  • Components 1: PPP Institutional, Fiduciary and Legislative Capacity Building
  • Components 2: PPP Pipeline Preparation and Transaction Advisory Support
  • Components 3: Facilitating the Provision of Long Term Development Finance
  • Component 4: Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP) through its Public Investment Division (PID) which is leading project implementation now invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the relevant services described below.

Objective of the Assignment:
This assignment is designed to (a) ensure that all Works, Goods and Services financed under the IDA credit would be procured in accordance with the appropriate IDA Guidelines; the project Financial Agreement (FA); the Project Implementation Manual (PIM); and the Ghana Public Procurement procedures where applicable; (b) guide, provide support and advise to the PID to assure timely procurement, delivery, quality control and contract management of other bilateral/multilateral donor funded projects; (c) manage the PPP procurement process for securing contracts with the private party in accordance with the National PPP Policy, PPP Law and Guidelines, and to the highest standards of efficiency, quality and integrity. The Procurement Specialist will operate at the PID (specifically the PPP Advisory Unit) within MOFEP in Accra. The assignment will be for on year, with the possibility of renewal annually subject to work requirements and satisfactory performance of the life of the Ghana PPP project.

Scope of Work:
The Procurement Specialist will:

  • Establish a procurement management system for the Project based on the guidelines and procedures under World Bank funded projects and other bilateral/multilateral donor funded projects, and the government regulations for the procurement of goods, works, services and contract management under the Ghana Public Procurement Act;
  • Manage all aspects of the procurement activities of the Project and, as necessary, assist in the recruitment of short and long term procurement consultants to assist in the delivery of the procurement plans and manage the workflow and quality of the overall procurement team;
  • Ensure that procurement procedures as contained in the Procurement Manual approved by the IDA are followed in all procurement activities of the Project;
  • Ensure adequate records of procurements activities are kept in PID;
  • Oversee/prepare procurement plans, and progress reports for inclusion in the Financial Monitoring Report and Project Progress Reports to be submitted to IDA;
  • Provide technical procurement advice and support to the PID team in preparing the budget and the financial and procurement plans;
  • Prepare and publish procurement notices such as General Procurement Notice, Invitation for Bids, Request for Expression of Interest, and Contract Award notices in accordance with IDA Guidelines and specific requirements of the Financing Agreement;
  • Working in close cooperating with the different PPP Project Teams, supervise the preparation of bid documents, the provision of instructions for bidders on procedure for submission of bids, the implementation of the evaluation and negotiation processes, contract award and execution;
  • Oversee the preparation of the technical specification for materials to be procured; source price quotation from suppliers and ensure insurance cover for all imports;
  • Prepare, issue and follow up on “No Objection” from IDA on all procurement activities in accordance with IDA procedures;
  • Supervise contracts for the supply of goods and equipment in accordance with the respective contract including the processing of payments, physical inspection and testing, receipt and transfer of the goods to the Client and closing of respective contracts
  • Establish a procurement filing system, and ensure all related documents are included in the respective files; this includes maintaining a contracts register with complete “paper trail” of procurement process and contract awards/extensions, until contract completion to ensure ease of retrieval of information and the ease of following the paper trail of procurement by independent external auditors, authorized agents or the World Bank staff during post-procurement reviews (PPRs);
  • Coordinate preparation of post procurement reviews by the Bank and participate in Bank implementation reviews;
  • Coordinate and conduct procurement training workshops to relevant MDAs as required;
  • Establish a performance monitoring database for all suppliers and consultants, and ensure timely updates of the system;
  • Any other duties assigned by the PID Director and Project Coordinator and other tasks as the job role may demand from time-to-time


Required Skills or Experience

Competency and Expertise Requirements:
The Procurement Specialist will have experience in international procurement, management of public procurement and project management. Experience in procurement procedures of the World Bank will also be required. Educational and professional qualifications will include:

  • Master’s degree in relevant discipline e.g. Procurement, Project Management, Administration, Engineering etc. with a minimum of management in the public sector (Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies) of which at least 3 years must be in donor-funded projects or;
  • First degree in relevant discipline, e.g. Procurement, Business, Law, Engineering, Public Administration or other relevant university degree, etc with minimum 10 years post graduate experience in procurement and contract management in the public sector (Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies) of which at least 5 years must be in donor-funded projects;
  • A professional qualification in procurement from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) U.K. or the Institute of Supply Management, (ISM) USA would be an added advantage
  • Must have good knowledge of procurement policies and procedures of multilateral financial institutions (e.g. the World Bank, DFID, AfDB etc) and development co-operation agencies; as well as good knowledge of the institutional, technical and commercial aspects of procurement;
  • Work experience on management of donor funded projects (particularly projects funded by multilateral agencies) within the last three years is an added advantage
  • Excellent skills in project management and communications, both written and oral, demonstrated in previous jobs;
  • Proven experience working in procurement with Government MDAs;
  • Proven experience dealing with PPP procurement issues;
  • Proven track record in working effectively within multidisciplinary teams
  • Evidence of being able to work effectively in high-pressure environment and to tight delivery deadlines
  • Candidate must be computer literate


2. Financial Management Specialist (Individual Consultant)

Objective of the Assignment:
The objective of this assignment is to establish and implement sound financial management practices for the effective management of the financial matters of the Ghana PPP Project as well as other Projects and to deploy project resources for the intended purposes in accordance with the relevant GOG financial management requirements and Development Credit Agreements (DCA) between the World Bank and the Government. The Financial and Management (FM) Specialist will produce the required relevant and accurate financial reports on a timely basis to enable management carry out its oversight function and the implementing units to plan, coordinate. monitor and appraise the Project’s overall progress towards the achievement of its objectives. The FM Specialist will operate at the PID (specifically the PFA Unit) within MOFEP in Accra. The Assignment will be for one year, with the possibility of renewal annually subject to work requirements and satisfactory performance of the life of the Ghana PPP project .

Scope of Work:
The FM Specialist will be responsible for all accounting, internal control and other financial management functions within the PID as well as supervision of the finance section staff therein. The main tasks will be as follows:

  • Prepare and update the project financial procedures manual that will ensure compliance with accounting policies and practices as stipulated in the financial management regulations/procedures agreed for the project;
  • Establish and maintain an integrated accounting system for all approved project activities to ensure smooth flow and constant availability of financial resources to the project and utilizing standard accounting procedures, which will ensure full documentation and recording of sources and uses of funds;
  • Periodically review the performance of control functions and where appropriate initiate corrective measures to ensure that internal controls are sufficient and function correctly;
  • Prepare annual work plans and budgets in consultation with other PID staff;
  • Conduct in house financial management and accounting training for PID staff;
  • Supervise the activities of the finance section of the PID;
  • Prepare, analyze and consolidate reports in accordance with agreed reporting schedules ensuring correlation between implementation progress and financial performance;
  • Prepare project financial reports, including Interim Financial Reports (IFRs) and withdrawal applications for the replenishment of Designated Account, for submission to the PID Director, Project Coordinator, Government and World Bank;
  • Prepare annual financial statements for external audits, and other reports for the project;
  • Review bank reconciliations and other controls necessary to monitor financial and non-financial assets of the project;
  • Advise the PID Director and Project Coordinator on all financial and control considerations of the project;
  • Any other duties assigned by the PID Director and Project Coordinator.

The FM Specialist will ensure the duties of the Section’s Staff (particularly the project accountant) are carried out as summarized below.

Project Accountant:

  • Maintain all accounting records in line with approved accounting standards and inline with the Bank’s and Government’s regulations;
  • Render periodic reports (i.e. monthly/quarterly/annually) in the formats approved by the Bank;
  • Draw up annual budgets and work plans together with the PID staff;
  • Ensure prompt release of funds, once approved, to beneficiaries;
  • Maintain relevant books and records for the Project;
  • Ensure that all accounting records are updated promptly;
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations of all Bank accounts;
  • Together with the PID management, maintain, develop and update the Financial Procedures Manual on a regular basis;
  • Together with the PID staff ensure strict adherence to installed internal control systems for all areas of project operation;
  • Liaise with the internal/external auditors and follow up on audit queries and recommendations documented in management letters;
  • Issue receipts, prepare payment vouchers and maintain cash records in accordance with laid down procedures;
  • Maintain an Advance Payments Register and monitor advances settlements;
  • Manage the petty cash float and maintain the petty cash book;
  • Ensure petty cash disbursements are appropriately and adequately documented;
  • Cheque writing;
  • Updating the Cheque Issued Register;
  • Ensure invoices submitted for payment at the PID are promptly attended to and processed


Required Skills or Experience

Competency and Expertise Requirements:
The FM Specialist will have the following qualifications, expertise & experience:

  • A recognised professional accounting qualification (e.g. CPA, ACCA, ICAG holder or equivalent) preferably with a Master’s Degree in Accounting, Business or Finance;
  • At least 6-10 years of post-qualification experience of work in a complex environment including managing an accounting department and donor-funded project accounts. Audit experience would be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of international financial reporting standards & international standards on auditing;
  • Experience in interpreting financial management reports, analyzing variations to plans and determining remedial actions required;
  • Knowledge of public sector accounting procedures and operational knowledge of international of international and country financial and accounting management practices, including MIS applications
  • Experience and familiarity with World Bank reporting requirements, disbursement procedures, submission of withdrawal applications and the maintenance of Designated Accounts;
  • Ability to advise and disseminate financial management knowledge, supervisory skills and capacity to be a member of a multi-disciplinary team to provide advice and recommend actions;
  • Excellent technical and conceptual knowledge about financial management and grasp of financial principles and practices;
  • Analytical skills, ability to develop and implement accounting systems;
  • Strong computer skills especially in Microsoft office application software and use of computerized accounting systems;
  • Basic principles and procedures for Procurement and Selection of Consultants;
  • Report writing and presentation skills;
  • Integrity and Confidentiality;
  • Fluency in written and oral English is essential
3. Safeguards Specialist (Individual Consultant)
Objective of the Assignment:
This assignment is designed to support and advise the PID of MOFEP and Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to ensure that sub-projects under Component 3 of the project is properly prepared and implemented in compliance with the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguards policies and Ghana Environmental Protection Agency regulations and procedures. More specifically, the primary responsibility of the specialist will include:

  • Providing oversight on the compliance of environmental and social safeguards policies in project preparation and implementation;
  • To periodically review and assess the effectiveness of the activities implemented and their outcomes and impacts as well as compliance with national and international standards and environmental and social safeguards instruments, and
  • Providing recommendations, advice and guidance to the PID and MDAs on measures to enhance the effectiveness of the project implementation and achievement of the project development objectives through appropriately addressing the social and environmental issues of the project
  • The Safeguards Specialist will operate at the PID (specifically the PPP Advisory Unit) within MOFEP in Accra. The assignment will be for one year, with the possibility of renewal annually subject to work requirements and satisfactory performance of the life of the Ghana PPP project.

Scope of Work:
The scope of the work for this assignment will primarily include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Provide safeguards expertise for PPP transactions;
  • Preparing internal environmental and social guidelines for the preparation, implementation, monitoring and reporting of environmental and social documents required by various safeguards instruments;
  • Reviewing ESMF/ESMP/ESIAs/RPF/RAPs and other environmental and social safeguards policies of the government of Ghana and the World Bank;
  • Providing recommendations to PID and MDAs accordingly and make necessary changes prior to submission of relevant safeguard instruments to the World Bank – ensure consistency int the level of proficiency and presentation of the documentation;
  • Supporting PID and MDAs in the review of documentation pertaining to environmental and social compliance (including bidding documents, reviews on-site, reports from contractors etc.) during project implementation;
  • Conducting audits in matters pertaining to timely payments, provision of temporary measures to affected persons;
  • Contribute to project progress reports pertaining to overall implementation of environmental and social requirements of the project;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the work of consultants engaged to carry out environmental and social impact assessments and resettlement planning and monitoring of safeguards instruments implementation;
  • Organising the technical aspects of workshops and meetings as required, as outlined in the ESMF/RPF training and capacity building section;
  • Preparing training materials, and conducting technical training workshops to PID and MDA staff and project implementation agencies on environmental and social safeguards requirements;
  • Undertaking field visits to ascertain if the grievance redress mechanisms established for the project are functioning appropriately and the individual projects are implemented in an environmentally and social sustainable manner;
  • Collation of appropriate performance and monitoring indicators to input into the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework of the project;
  • Develop an Environmental and Social Unit within PID;
  • Quarterly/Annual Environment and Social Monitoring and Evaluation reports


Required Skills or Experience

Competency and Expertise Requirements:
The Safeguard Specialist will have the following qualifications, expertise & experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Assessment/Management, Environmental/Civil Engineering, Economics, Social Sciences or other relevant field;
  • At least 5 years of work experience in the preparation of RPF/RAP and/or EAs/ESMF instruments for donor funded projects;
  • Preparation of environmental and social impact assessment reports, resettlement and livelihood planning, management plans, and monitoring;
  • Proven experience in formulating, assessment, and reviewing environmental and social safeguards compliance documents;
  • Knowledge of institutional, environmental and social issues in Ghana and Ghanaian national and regional legislation’s related to environment, land tenure, labour adjustment issues and other relevant acts;
  • Knowledge of Ghanaian national and regional legislation’s related to environment, & Social issues in sectors such as Agricultural, Transport (Highways, Railways, Ports, Airports) Health, Solid Waste, Urban Water, Energy etc.;
  • Experience carrying out stakeholder consultations and organising environmental and social safeguards training workshops/seminars will be considerable asset;
  • Familiarity with Ghana EPA’s regulations and procedures and World Bank Safeguards Policies;
  • Working relationship with the Ghana EPA will be an advantage;
  • Proven track record in working effectively within multidisciplinary teams;
  • Evidence of being able to work effectively in high-pressure environment and to tight delivery deadlines;
  • Literacy in geographical Information System (GIS) is recommended;
  • Candidate must be computer literate and should have good verbal and written English language skills


How To Apply

Interested Individual Consultants must provide information (Detailed Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter) indicating that they are qualified to perform the services for the specific position described above.

Individual Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers , January 2011 version.

Interested Consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 0900 to 1700 hours, Monday through Friday (except public holidays)

Ekow Coleman
Public Investment Division
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
28th February Road
Post Office Box M40, Ministries, Accra
Fourth Floor (New Block) Room 417
Tel: +233-302-686114, Ext. 705

Email: [email protected]

Expressions of Interest must be submitted in five (5) copies (one original and four copies) in sealed envelope clearly marked “Ghana PPP Project and the name of the position” and delivered at the address below:

The Director, Public Investment Division
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
28th February Road
Post Office Box M40, Ministries, Accra
Fourth Floor (New Block) Rom 415
Tel: +233-302-673431

Email[email protected]

Closing: 30 Dec, 2011

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