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24 Aug, 2011

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Government Jobs in Ghana

Technical Advisor – Social Accountability Unit

the government of Ghana has received funding from the World Bank towards the cost of implementation of the Local Government Capacity Support Project (LGCSP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under contracts for individual consultants to support project implementation.

Objectives of the project are:

  • To strengthen the intergovernmental fiscal framework;
  • To strengthen local public financial management and accountability for improved infrastructure and services in urban assemblies; and
  • To improve citizen’s engagement with urban assemblies and their perceptions of urban management.

The project is divided into four components:
Component 1: Strengthening the fiscal framework for decentralization
Component 2: Enhancing decentralized urban service delivery
Component 3: Stimulating demand for accountable governance and service delivery
Component 4: Institutional and Project Management Support

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) will implement components 2, 3 and 4 of the project. These components will provide performance based grants to urban metropolitan and municipal assemblies (MMAs), support social accountability objectives as laid out in the government’s Decentralized Policy Framework and provide project management support. Support to MMAs will focus on improving their performance in five core local government Public Financial Management (PFM) reform areas: Budgeting, Reporting and Auditing, Revenue Management, Asset Management, and Social Accountability.

The project is being implemented through the mainstream structures of the Ministry. For smooth implementation, the Ministry seeks to recruit suitable qualified and competent individual consultant to support its existing mainstream staff to implement the project. MLGRD now invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the relevant services described below by submitting detailed curriculum vitae to provide information that they are qualified to perform the services.

Long Term Technical Advisor – Social Accountability Unit

Objective of the Assignment:
MLGRD is seeking to strengthen the capacity of the newly established Social Accountability Unit (SAU). A key means of doing this will be through the provision of technical assistance from a long-term Technical Advisor (the “Consultant”). This Technical Advisor will bring strong experience having worked both on the design and implementation of larger-scale social accountability programs in developing countries. The Consultant will provide technical assistance and support to the SAU on design, management, monitoring, and assessment of the various social accountability initiatives supported by the project, and in particular, Component 3. Component 3 of the LGCSP aims to strengthen social accountability by strengthening citizens’ knowledge of local government public financial management (PFM) issues and stimulating demand for, and engagement on, PFM. It also aims at building institutional capacity for social accountability in the public sector, including MLGRD and in Metros and Municipal Assemblies (MMAs).

The Consultant should bring sufficient knowledge, skills and implementation experience to enhance the operational capacity of the SAU Team which already has some experience with community development programs and social accountability. The Consultant’s contract will initially be for one year’s duration but, with satisfactory performance, may be extended for a second full year, and thereafter, possible on a part time basis for a third year.

Scope of Services:
The Consultant will report on a day-to-day basis to the Head, SAU, but will otherwise report to the LGCSP Project Director. The Consultant will provide technical, operational and analytical support to the SAU team and assist in management and oversight of the LGCSP social accountability initiatives. In the course of his/her work, the Consultant will be required to liaise effectively with officials of MLGRD, MOFEP, broad civil society, including CSOs, officials of the MMAs, and other consultants. 


Required Skills or Experience

Applicants should have the following core qualifications and experience:

  • Masters degree or higher in social development, public administration, development policy or related discipline with specific knowledge of local government systems
  • At least 6 years of practical experience working on the design and implementation of different types of larger-scale social accountability initiatives (e.g. participatory budgeting, budget literacy, citizen report card; social audits) in different developing countries and in decentralized systems
  • Sound planning experience and strong management and organizational skills necessary for effective implementation of medium-sized social accountability programs; and
  • Considerable experience working with NGO/CSO entities and on government programs


How To Apply

Individual Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, (May 2004 revised October 2006 and May 2010).

All interested individuals are requested to submit type written letters and curriculum vitae for the specific position described above.

Letters of interest clearly marked “Local Government Capacity Support Project (LGCSP)” and the name of the position should be received and addressed to:


 +233302 663668
Fax: 233302 682003
E-mail: [email protected]


Closing: 31 Aug, 2011

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