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23 Nov, 2018

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Job Description

Job Title: Marketing Instructor

Practical role of facilitators (what they need to do)

Expectations of facilitator delivery:

  • Engage initially with participants in a virtual classroom to set programme expectations
  • Deliver 2 x 4 day workshops, involving presentations, practical exercises and case study working
  • Deliver 4 x 1.5 hour virtual classrooms on key areas of content
  • Connect with squads regularly to support progress on case study work before and between workshops
  • Be available to individual participants to support any areas of learning and application they find challenging
  • Deliver a closing virtual session

It is estimated that this will require a total of 18 days of work per programme cohort, plus potentially some travel.

Facilitator Criteria

To deliver this programme to an exceptional standard, facilitators must meet the following criteria:

  • Good availability of time
  • Tutors need to be prepared to invest time in planning/personalising their sessions to bring them to life.
  • There needs to be no risk of last-minute drop outs or late arrival

Each cohort will require 18 days of work to support them through the programme

This time needs to be offered flexibly; the programme elements need to be delivered in a timely order

In addition, all facilitators will need to attend an initial 4 day face to face Train the Trainer session and an annual 1 day refresher to ensure they are equipped to use the materials (this assumes they are already skilled facilitators with a thorough understanding of Marketing & Client)

  • Experienced senior marketer and subject matter expertise

Typically Brand Director, head of department with c. 10 years’ experience – has ‘lived’ marketing and has stories to tell, can tell stories of what they’ve learned and when they’ve succeeded and failed – need to be credible to the audience

Tutors need to know their subject matter intimately and be seen by the audience as having deep experience on their subject – this includes:

  • Experience of working on, and leading, all subjects covered within Foundation: Insight and people understanding, brand positioning, brand strategy and brand planning (identification of opportunities and issues and translating these into strategic action), innovation, and brand experience/media touchpoint selection, creative development and annual brand plan integration
  • Experience should include working in consumer-packaged goods
  • High levels of awareness and possibly experience of current trends, techniques and debates in marketing (for example: role of purpose, Ehrenberg-Bass penetration principles, digital channels, personalisation, programmatic and data-driven marketing, the changing retail landscape)

Tutors also need to have a good understanding of, and ideally experience working in, the markets that participants come from (or, at minimum, similar developed, developing or emerging markets, and differing types of distribution channels; modern, general trade, ‘mom and pop’ stores)

  • Facilitators are expected to be familiar with Client’s ways of working, culture, tools and processes and well as the world outside
  • Are able to foster connections and build quickly a repertoire of anecdotes and experience from Client and other organisation
  • Has a rich bank of anecdotes and experiences to draw upon – both good and bad – to be able to illustrate the points they’re making and to be able to incorporate within the standard course content.
  • They will be supported through the local organiser and VP sponsor in building this
  • Very good presentation skills (virtual and face to face)
  • Able to deliver content without visible reference to notes
  • Inspiring, clear, engaging, energised
  • Able to confidently use virtual learning platforms (e.g. Adobe Connect)
  • High level of natural learning facilitation and coaching skills (not just a presenter)
  • Familiar with learning principles, such as guided discovery, and use of a variety of questioning and challenge techniques
  • Comfortable engaging with an audience
  • Able to facilitate group exercises (across 5 squads simultaneously)
  • Able to recognise need for, and to support different learning styles (Activist, Theorist, Pragmatist, Reflector)
  • Able to manage group energy and bring lots of energy, and
  • Manage their time slots to flex pace and volume content to meet group’s needs, while optimising delivery of learning objectives
  • Create powerful interactive experiences and peer learning
  • Patient, supportive, generous
  • Understand training and learning
  • The ability to recognise that our Marketers as Marketers of the future. The style of the tutor must not be ‘old school’ – it should be evolved just as the content and behaviours of this program have had to be

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