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12 Jan, 2012

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International SOS is the world’s leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services company.

We help organizations manage the health and security risks facing their international travelers and expatriates.

Job Description


Location: Akyem Newmont, Ghana, West Africa
Reports to:  Site Chief Medical Officer (CMO) & SOS personnel: Site Manager(administrative); Medical Advisor (epidemiology) and consultant Vector Ecologist (technical).

Other Relationships:

  • Malaria Team Newmont,
  • HSLP Manager
  • Providers

Main Responsibilities (in order of priority): Overview of Position Responsibilities:
As a member of a management team comprised of the International SOS site Medical Officer, consultant Vector Ecologist, consultant Medical Advisor and NGGS Safety Manager, implement and coordinate an integrated control program for malaria and other public health vectors in and around NGGS holdings.


The control program will be based on the following key elements:

  • Promotion of information and awareness of personal protective measures to avoid contact with vectors of malaria and other vector borne disease.
  • Quantitative monitoring of both larval and adult mosquitoes, and other relevant vectors as required. This will include but not be limited to the regular collection and rearing of adult and larval mosquitoes.
  • Implementation and maintenance of control interventions for vector mosquitoes that may include one or more of the following; weekly application of biological larvicides; application of residual insecticides to houses, barracks, workplace buildings and/or selected vehicles every 5-6 months; weekly thermal fogging program when required; promotion of insecticide treated bed nets in the local community.
  • Monitoring and technical advice to assist mosquito breeding source reduction measures (including drainage maintenance) at jobsite.  This function will be carried out in collaboration with the consultant Vector Ecologist.
  • Monitoring of epidemiology of malaria transmission within the control zone and potentially in the mine impacted area

Specific duties:

  1. Implement a monitoring and control program for mosquitoes of public health importance, especially Anopheles, Aedes and Culex species.
  2. Supervise an entomology technician and a crew of 6-8 local employees to carry out the monitoring and control measures for larvae and adult mosquitoes.
  3. Assisted by an entomology laboratory technician, prepare Anopheles processed from the light trap surveys for ELISA testing by an independent laboratory to determine presence or absence of malaria parasites;
  4. When necessary, oversee the routine identification of anopheline and other mosquitoes of public health importance obtained in field monitoring;
  5. When necessary arrange for genetic characterization of Anopheles samples at an independent laboratory;
  6. When required arrange collection of mosquito samples for insecticide susceptibility testing at an independent laboratory.
  7. Investigate and manage control measures in response vector borne disease outbreaks.
  8. Supervise malaria control staff including staff direction, training and development, evaluation and counseling.
  9. Monitor and report supply requirements for mosquito monitoring and control equipment, insecticides and other chemicals, laboratory and office consumables, personal protective equipment, and field transport.
  10. Supervise maintenance of laboratory and mosquito control equipment.
  11. Assist in the development and writing of site procedures that relate to malaria control, as directed.
  12. Collate and analyse malaria epidemiology, through the malaria epi forms generated from the site clinic and where possible through government generated data from within the mine impacted area.
  13. Maintain communications and cooperation with other Company departments, International SOS centers, site contractors, relevant government departments and NGOs.
  14. Prepare documentation and reporting of the above activities as required.  This may be weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annually.

International SOS will assist the Medical Entomologist with ongoing technical and management protocols and provide ongoing training and support in techniques of integrated vector control.


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